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[trailer]: Batman: Arkham Knight ‘Father to Son’ Trailer

[trailer]: Batman: Arkham Knight ‘Father to Son’ Trailer

The last in the Arkham series, Batman: Arkham Knight is coming to Xbox One, PS4, and PC later this year with developer Rocksteady Studios taking back the reigns after Warner Bros Montreal had a go with Arkham Origins last year. The story takes place one year after the events of Arkham City with the Joker … Continue reading

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Nintendo 3DS! That's right, the little handheld that could, and did, turns 3 today. What are your favorite 3DS memories/games?
  • Remember when we said Sly Cooper Collection was rated by the ESRB for Vita over a year ago? Well that's finally being fulfilled. The shocker is that God of War Collection is coming too! God of War Collection will be out on May 6th, Sly Cooper Collection on May 27th.
  • This was one of the more unexpected bits of news this week: It appears that online retailer, Amazon, has purchased Killer Instinct developer, Double Helix Studios. While this only pushes rumors of Amazon working on releasing their own game console, I'm more worried about what's going to happen to Killer Instinct. Microsoft did comment on the merger stating that development would switch over to another third party developer, but Microsoft Studios would retain upkeep of the game as well as continue work on new content. With the recent success and praise of the reboot on Xbox One, I'm curious to see what other developers would be willing to toss their hat in the ring to work on it.
  • Ubisoft has announced that Far Cry Classic, a revamped and reloaded version of the original Far Cry, is coming to PS3 and Xbox 360 via PSN and the Live Marketplace next Tuesday, February 11th. The game will be $9.99 and available digitally. No word on a retail release or not. Also look out for the Far Cry Compilation coming to PS3 in stores on the 11th as well. It contains Far Cry 2,3, and Blood Dragon for $39.99.
  • According to EA, the Xbox 360 version for upcoming shooter Titanfall has been pushed back to March 25th. The PC and Xbox One versions will since release on March 11th.
  • Wasn't Halloween just a few months ago? Looks like round two this week as PS4 and PS3 owners get a horrific heaping of atmospheric scares as both Outlast and Metro: Last Light become free for PlayStation Plus subscribers starting tomorrow. I'm definitely looking forward to playing both titles this week!
  • Another big report coming out of Nintendo is the coming release of Nintendo DS games for the Wii U via the Nintendo eShop. There's been no announcement citing what specific games will be released or when we'll be able to play them, but that they are definitely coming. We'll update as more is known.
  • In light of the recent failure to push Wii U console numbers, Nintendo is really aiming to step up their game and truly bring their products up to spec with the rest of the others. One of these steps will finally bring multiple console shared content. This means that people who own more than one Wii U or 3DS, like myself, will finally be able to share content across all of their systems as it will be tied to their Nintendo Network ID as opposed to being tied to the console itself, like it is now. This is actually one of the bigger announcements coming out of Nintendo lately, for me at least. Anyone else affected by this?
  • There's reports coming out of Japan that Nintendo will be releasing small versions of it's upcoming games to smartphone users in the coming months. Kotaku has all the information [here].
  • Microsoft came out this morning saying it has purchased the rights to the Gears of War franchise from Epic. Further cementing the series to stay on Xbox consoles forever. Sorry PlayStation owners.
  • Sony is saying that PSN service will be down Monday, January 27th from 11am to around 5:30pm for mandatory maintenance. Make sure to find a temporary hobby, or just play some single player / couch co-op(!) with a buddy.
  • The Xbox 360 and PS3 demo for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII comes out today! Playing the demo unlocks extra costumes that will carry over to the full game when it releases February 11th.
  • IO Interactive announced they are hard at work on a next-gen title in the Hitman series. In an open letter to fans released this morning, the developer apologized for everything wrong in Hitman: Absolution and stated they will be returning to a more open-ended sandbox style gameplay.
  • Electronic Arts is randomly sending out invitations for the Titanfall alpha to Xbox One owners that have registered Battlefield 4 through EA's Origin service.
  • The puzzle-filled top-down shooter Tomb Raider spinoff, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, is the latest free download offered through Xbox Live's Games with Gold program. Xbox 360 owners can pick it up now.
  • Don't be expecting to run rampant on the streets of San Andreas with your buddies tonight. Grand Theft Auto Online will be down for maintenance at 8PM tonight. Rockstar says they'll have the service back online within the next 24 hours after.
  • According to the PlayStation Store, the 'Left Behind' DLC for The Last of Us will be released on February 14th. How lovely.
  • Though nothing has been officially announced through Bethesda or any other official outlet, it's worth noting that for a brief part of yesterday, the Bethesda website had listed Skyrim as coming to PS4 and Xbox ONE. This was later taken down after news spread across other video game sites throughout the day. This could have been a mistake from someone working on the site, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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