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[news]: Latest Sonic Game (and TV Show) Revealed

Everyone’s favorite blue hedgehog is getting a face lift this year in the form of Sonic Boom, the latest animated series, video game, and toy line to feature Sonic and his crew. The gameplay from the trailer above seems to be reminiscent of the Sonic Heroes game from 2004. Unless the other characters are part of a co-op mode, expect to see a lot of teamwork based play here. The redesigns for Sonic, Tails, and Amy aren’t that much of a difference, but it’s Knuckles that I’m trying to get used to. This is definitely a different take on his look. The beefed up echidna definitely fits his attitude more than his scrawny body we currently know. I just really have to see more of it before I can truly judge how I feel about it. You can also check out the trailer for the TV series below.

No release date has been set for Sonic Boom as of yet, but you can look for the game on Wii U and 3DS. They will be serving as a prequel to the show, which will be broadcast on Cartoon Network. What are your thoughts about this updated look?


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